[Market-farming] Re: Stack and nest containers

Wake Robin Farm megschader at wakerobinfarm.org
Thu Nov 13 20:45:50 EST 2003

We have found that Rubbermaid Roughneck containers work well on our farm.  They come in three sizes, have lids, and stack with or without the lids.  They work great for harvesting and storing produce in our cooler. They work like Tupperware for most of the produce - storing most things very well. At about $4 each, we can afford to invest in the number we really need instead of scrambling for harvest bins.  They don't last forever -- our five year olds are starting to lose handles and crack, but they are still usable as compost bins, another commodity we find ourselves searching for!  

Meg Schader
Wake Robin Farm
177 Brutus Rd.
Jordan, NY  13080
megschader at wakerobinfarm.org
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