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"Organic flour" can be misleading and not necessarily whole grain.  It
simply means the grain itself was organic and does not guarantee that it
is whole but simply white flour or unbleached white flour.  Unless a
label specifically states "whole" it does not include the bran or germ
and is therefore void in nutrients.  When it does state whole unless it
is fresh ground (or baked) you are basically using a rancid product.

Kamut (an ancient Egyptian grain never been crossbred) makes excellent
pasta and is more digestible than regular wheat.  Kamut and Spelt are
both wheat alternative grains.

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fresh whole-grain bread made with from-the-farm grains
> might
> be a good CSA item. But I also understand that good bread making could
> a
> whole extra occupation/endeavor all unto its own.?

Bread baking is a major part of my Farmer's Market products, everything
from carrot muffins to Herb breads.  We are fortunate to have Azure
Standard that delivers to our area, they carry an outrageous line of
beautiful organic flours.  Personally working alone, and managing a
Market, there's barely enough time to do the garden and bake and do the
CSAs.  I couldn't even imagine growing and grinding enough wheat to do
all.  There's always a huge demand for good looking whole grain organic

> Does anybody here make and sell whole-grain pasta? If so, what kind of
> reception are you getting?
> I haven't but have considered it since I do the bread and have the
and also sell eggs...just haven't had the time but I get people asking
for it all the time.......Sora at Paradise Valley Organics
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