[Market-farming] Re: Weird Veggies vs. Whole Grains

bob at bidumup.com bob at bidumup.com
Tue Nov 11 13:33:37 EST 2003

I take toasted whole soy beans and grind them in my trusty blender with masa
rena. Masa rena is whole corn soaked in lime (calcium sulfate) and water and
then milled usually in to tortillas. However when combined with the toasted
soy it makes a paste that is a base for soups or as a camp food or snack
food I will microwave it dry and crunchy into a kind of cookie that is very
nutritious particularly if using the high  lysine corn. I am an old diabetic
and this food is slow in sugar release and balanced in protein and starch in
a way that is easy to live with. The variations are many: try toasting with
nuts on the bottom, or wrap in corn husk and steam with vegetables in side a
la tamale. Really good.
Bob C

> I'm planning to do something similar with our open pollinated field corn
> for next year.  Maybe put a couple of ears in a share and give a recipe
> for parched corn.  I would like to grind some into corn meal and give a
> "cornbread kit" with eggs and a recipe, but my grinder is very small and
> it would take forever.
> Marie in Missouri
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