[Market-farming] Re: Weird Veggies vs. Whole Grains

Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at itol.com
Tue Nov 11 08:53:43 EST 2003

    In our first years on the farm I did grow a very small patch of wheat.
I harvested it with scissors, brought it in, and prepared it in the kitchen,
blowing the chaff (sp?) off with a fan.  Ground it by hand.

    It was a harvest of joy.

    In a few years following we grew a few acres of wheat, but ran into
problems with community harvesting - understandably.  We no longer grow


From: "Paul A. Bock" <bockpa at plesh.com>
Subject: [Market-farming] Re: Weird Veggies vs. Whole Grains

> Hello,
>   I can see what you mean about putting weird things like whole grains in
> with a CSA share.  I suppose my question about whole grains was meant as a
> kind of net to see who's out there.  I am reading Gene Logdson's book
> raising all kinds of grains from wheat to corn, to rye, o rice, etc.  Also
> am reading Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book, which is great for whole grain
> breads.  I was hoping I would find a couple people that might have been
> following a similar line and have some experience with making great whole
> grain bread by having a small plot of some grain available
> "right-outside-the-door" for the freshest flour available.  Also I was
> hoping that maybe I would find a couple people that grow their own grains
> feed as a supplement the normal feed ration to their cows, horses, oxen,
> and/or chickens to curb a high feed bill.  I believe these people are out
> there, maybe they just don't subscribe to this list.  It might be a
> long-shot, but fresh whole-grain bread made with from-the-farm grains
> be a good CSA item.  But I also understand that good bread making could be
> whole extra occupation/endeavor all unto its own.  If there is anyone
> interested in any of this, I would like to toss out another title that got
> me started on all this stuff.  "Bread Builders" by Alan Scott, and I think
> Dan Wing.  Basically how to make and bake bread in a masonry oven.  They
> even tell you how to build one, oven that is.
> -Paul Bock
> Stone Gully

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