[Market-farming] CSA packaging

Andrea elsaella at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 9 11:08:29 EST 2003

Hello Sora and John.H and group,
As you can see,I am way behind with my thank you's.I just wanted to say that the answer to my packaging question from a couple of weeks back,helped me get a lot of new ideas for packaging.John,I am currently asking around on what people buy at grocery stores,and will try to match that and more,but as you said,quality will be very different.We live in a region(Northern Quebec) where this time of year almost every vegetable is from another country.We still see canadian Beets,Potatoes,Leek,Carrots.But for the rest...
And as you surely all know.Produce that has travelled 100's and even 1000's of miles,do not taste as they could were they local.So...
Thanks again for sharing your tips
Regards Andrea

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