[Market-farming] Truck Tires

George Tremblay George_Tremblay at antiochne.edu
Fri Nov 7 09:04:23 EST 2003

Allan, I also have an F250 that sees fairly heavy use in the woods and
plowing snow, and perhaps 6000 mi per year overall.  Last year, I switched
from course all-season radials year round, to running All Terrain tires in
the winter.  I don't know your climate, but in my rural, moderately heavy
snow environment, the improvement in performance is very noticeable.  I've
pasted a link for the tires I use (Courser A/T, 235/85/16) below; they
cost me a little under $100 each with mounting and balancing.  Yes,
they're noisy on pavement, but if you drive only 3k mi per year, what do
you care?


George Tremblay
Troy, NH

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