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Paul A. Bock bockpa at plesh.com
Fri Nov 7 08:22:40 EST 2003

I pretty much use BF Goodrich tires on my vehicles.  I use mostly the
All-terrains.  We live in snow country and the all-terrains with their built
in siping (slice cuts in each lug) supposedly allow better performance than
a mud tire on an ice patch.  And they have a good tread life.  And the AT's
are computer designed to be quiet.  I haven't had much problem with tire
noise.  And I drive to work 50 miles away at speeds up to 70 MPH.  If you're
not going to be hitting ice patches I would think that the Muds would be
good for digging in the snow when plowing.  And they would be good around
the farm on those soft muddy days.

I see a lot of guys put a lot of time into special differential lockers and
souped-up 4x4 parts to get more traction, when the problem is mostly poor
tires.  In fact I remember one guy that pulled into a snowy church parking
lot in 4x4 Hi and he was spinning all the tires and getting nowhere, because
they were all nearly bald, and I pull up with my 2 wheel drive pickup with
new tires and just pull right into my spot, backed right out and pulled in
again without spinning a wheel.  Probably isn't the best to show off at
church on a Sunday, but we were both teenagers back then.

Paul Bock
Stone Gully

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Friends -

I'm looking to put new tires on my farm-use F250. This truck is
pretty much used on the farm and ocassionally for hauling heavy loads
on the hwy relativly short distances. it is NOT a delivery truck, per
se. It is also the family's primary snow vehicle. I'd go with MUD
tires, I think, but the tire shops are telling me that they are
unbearably loud on the road and that they need to be rotated every
3000 miles (which, probably, is less than once a year). Maybe the
question is: are "all weather' tires good enough for a farm vehicle.

If you've got a brand/model/price, that w.b. great, also.

I've been looking at  some 'made by Kelley Springfield' tires for
$101 mounted and balanced


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