[Market-farming] Truck Tires

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Thu Nov 6 19:32:43 EST 2003

Friends -

I'm looking to put new tires on my farm-use F250. This truck is 
pretty much used on the farm and ocassionally for hauling heavy loads 
on the hwy relativly short distances. it is NOT a delivery truck, per 
se. It is also the family's primary snow vehicle. I'd go with MUD 
tires, I think, but the tire shops are telling me that they are 
unbearably loud on the road and that they need to be rotated every 
3000 miles (which, probably, is less than once a year). Maybe the 
question is: are "all weather' tires good enough for a farm vehicle.

If you've got a brand/model/price, that w.b. great, also.

I've been looking at  some 'made by Kelley Springfield' tires for 
$101 mounted and balanced



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