[Market-farming] Gloves

adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Thu Nov 6 18:59:03 EST 2003

Look for a product called Unique Skin Professional from
http://www.uniquelabs.com/.  But I advise that yo give yourself time and you
WILL get used to wearing gloves until they feel like a second skin.  I
developed an allergy to some greens and had no choice but to take cover.  I
used Unique Skin for a while but it is expensive and gloves are much more
practical and your hands look better for it in the long run.
> I'm cutting quite a few jalapenos for drying and find my hands are
> burning too much.  I find gloves, including thin surgical,
> uncomfortable.  I have heard of potions that are supposed to solve my
> problem.  Can someone give me direction?


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