[Market-farming] jalapeno burns

Susan Demaine demaine at interchange.ubc.ca
Thu Nov 6 14:51:42 EST 2003


a couple suggestions to treat the burning in your hands.  one is aloe vera
juice (obtainable at health food stores), aloe being well known for
treating burns.  try bathing your hands in the juice - drinking some
couldn't hurt either.  another is chickweed, which is very cooling and
anti-inflammatory.  if you have it growing in your area, crush a handful of
the fresh plant and apply as a poultice to the affected areas.  you can
also make a tea of it and bathe your hands in cooled down tea (as wel as
drink it).  chickweed is a great weed to have nearby to soothe insect
stings and any kind of heat condition of the skin.  you might also check
the health food stores for ointments made from chickweed.

i want to thank everyone on the list for the bounty of your information!  i
have recently moved from balmy Vancouver, BC, north to zone 3 conditions at
the foot of the Rockies, having to readjust to short season gardening and
studying ways to extend the growing season.

Standing Bear Remedies

>Thanks to others for the suggestions.  I don't have a problem with
>latex, it is the lack of feeling through the gloves and the heat.
>Also, from long exposure to jalapenos, my hands burn when pressure is
>applied; the pressure of the latex gloves causes a burning sensation.
>I have heard of lotions that offer protection, I just don't recall

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