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Bill Shoemaker wshoemak at inil.com
Thu Nov 6 15:01:44 EST 2003

Who will be the first to try it on jalapenos?

Bill Shoemaker
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>Hi y'all,
>"Pro-Tec" is a hand protection
>product that used to (may still be)
>manufactured by DuPont.  It used
>the trademarked slogan, "The
>Invisible Glove."
>Great stuff used by auto mechanics,
>painters and lots of others.  Made of
>a silicon base, it washes off with soap
>and water but is impervious to all else.
>Check with your local auto parts outlet.
>If they don't have it, they may be able
>to order it.
>Try a 4 oz bottle before you buy the jumbo
>5 lb can.
>Good luck!
>jay gee
>not a farmer  --  but interested in farming
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