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Why not just use any kind of oil on hand-vegetable etc....I figure you just
need to make sure that you don't touch your face or other delicate parts
when doing so. Then the oil could be washed off in warm water and soap??You
know that oil is safe for consumption and you could keep a bowl handy and
redip when necessary...... or.....
 After handling chiles, especially the fresh variety, do not touch your
face, eyes or any other sensitive skin areas until you have washed your
hands. {For the hands and fingers only} Try 1 part of common household
bleach mixed with 5 parts of water to help neutralize the burning, then dip
the hands into this solution for 5-10 seconds follow by rinsing quickly
under cold running water. 
Check out http://www.marscafe.com/php/salsa/peeling.html#bottom for lots
more tips......


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On 11/6/2003 at 11:49 AM jay gee wrote:

>Hi y'all,
>"Pro-Tec" is a hand protection
>product that used to (may still be)
>manufactured by DuPont.  It used
>the trademarked slogan, "The
>Invisible Glove."
>Great stuff used by auto mechanics,
>painters and lots of others.  Made of
>a silicon base, it washes off with soap
>and water but is impervious to all else.
>Check with your local auto parts outlet.
>If they don't have it, they may be able
>to order it.
>Try a 4 oz bottle before you buy the jumbo
>5 lb can.
>Good luck!
>jay gee
>not a farmer  --  but interested in farming
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