[Market-farming] Hand Protection

jay gee JayGee at jghelp.com
Thu Nov 6 14:49:12 EST 2003

Hi y'all,

"Pro-Tec" is a hand protection
product that used to (may still be)
manufactured by DuPont.  It used
the trademarked slogan, "The
Invisible Glove."

Great stuff used by auto mechanics,
painters and lots of others.  Made of
a silicon base, it washes off with soap
and water but is impervious to all else.

Check with your local auto parts outlet.
If they don't have it, they may be able
to order it.

Try a 4 oz bottle before you buy the jumbo
5 lb can.

Good luck!

jay gee
not a farmer  --  but interested in farming

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