[Market-farming] New Milk Label

Paul A. Bock bockpa at plesh.com
Thu Nov 6 14:30:08 EST 2003

Wow!! that's disgusting.  I bet they will come out with bionic cow units
next.  An altered organism that has plumbing fittings.  They will pump in a
ground up blend of nutrients and water.  A pipe fitting out the back will be
hooked to the waste disposal system.  An auxiliary system will remove milk
from another fitting.  They will decide that the "cow" in this system
doesn't need a brain, legs, eyes, or muscle.  In fact they won't even bother
with a skeleton because it detracts from the calcium content of the milk.
So you will have a fleshy blob with hose fittings.  Maybe they could even do
away with lungs, you'll have a specialized blood handling system to supply
oxygen to this organism.  This specialized blood handling system will make
it easier to automatically inject the recommended anti-biotics and
performance hormones.  They will trigger milk production without ever
freshening a cow, they will tease the biology with chemicals the way people
trigger cutting to root with rooting hormones.  And this whole system will
be so neat and organized that you could do it in a vacant office building.
Millions of these "C.O.W." units in a downtown block.  How's that for local

Okay, Okay.. Maybe I have been watching too much of "The Matrix"

--Paul Bock
--Stone Gully

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Wow. I checked it out.  Pretty abominable.   I note that they don't label
their milk "cow friendly".

Funding from Monsanto towards the Heritage Foundation, by chance?:^)

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> The Hudson Institute (the entity who brought us Dennis Avery) has their
> own Earth "friendly" label for Milk.
> This URL 'splains it all
> http://www.earthfarmfriendly.com/certification_elements.htm
> Lucy Goodman
> Boulder Belt Organics

> "There is no way to peace---peace is the way."
> A.J. Muste

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