[Market-farming] Jalapeno's

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Thu Nov 6 09:53:21 EST 2003

> I would like to know how you are cutting, drying and then storing them.  I
> have a ton of them myself and do not want to can them.

I'm cutting the stems off and cutting them down the middle.  I'm 
holding them in my hands, that is, not using a cutting board.  I have a 
9 tray Excalibur dryer.  I'm able to do about 15 lb/day.  That's about 
1.5lb of dry pepper.  Though the dryer people recommend drying them 
until they are "leathery", I'm drying them until they are brittle.  
Storing them in plastic canisters, peanut jars and the like.  I'm about 
to run out of my canister stock and will have to buy some new ones soon.  
I've done about 100lb of fresh jalapenos so far, may do several hundred 
pounds more.  Depending on the volume I end up with, I may put them in 
a freezer or walkin cooler for long term storage.

> Have you ever tried the Mucho Nacho Jalapeno's?  They are a hybrid but
> awesome!

I've heard of them and heard good reports on them.  Haven't grown any, 
will probably try some next year.  My local grocery store customer for 
this year's peppers just cut me off in favor of enormous jalapenos from 
Mexico; my jalapenos are just big.  In the wake of this, I am selling 
as many green jalapenos as I can and allowing the rest to turn red and 
then drying as many of those as I can.  I am drying only red ones.

Thanks to others for the suggestions.  I don't have a problem with 
latex, it is the lack of feeling through the gloves and the heat.  
Also, from long exposure to jalapenos, my hands burn when pressure is 
applied; the pressure of the latex gloves causes a burning sensation.  
I have heard of lotions that offer protection, I just don't recall 

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