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I don't know of anything other than gloves that would block 100%.  The
skin readily absorbs the heat from the peppers.  Maybe wear thin cotton
gloves under the latex to avoid any reaction with the gloves.  I have
dried peppers many times, slice and omit the seeds, trim off excess
membrane and lay on dehydrator sheets.  Best to dry outside or in open
area as the drying process can burn your eyes.  I dry some peppers extra
dry then grind in a blender and use as seasoning.

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I'm cutting quite a few jalapenos for drying

I would like to know how you are cutting, drying and then storing them.
have a ton of them myself and do not want to can them.
Have you ever tried the Mucho Nacho Jalapeno's?  They are a hybrid but
Herb Thyme

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