[Market-farming] Hand protection

Paul A. Bock bockpa at plesh.com
Thu Nov 6 10:08:20 EST 2003

Do you find the surgical gloves uncomfortable due a reaction with the latex
material they are made out of?  There are alternatives to latex gloves.  I
have heard of lotions that supposedly protect your hands from grease and
grime and things like paint.  Basically they work by making it easier to
clean the nasty stuff off from your hands.  Kind of like a painted on glove.
I don't know if that would protect your hands from the heat of peppers.

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I'm cutting quite a few jalapenos for drying and find my hands are
burning too much.  I find gloves, including thin surgical,
uncomfortable.  I have heard of potions that are supposed to solve my
problem.  Can someone give me direction?

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