[Market-farming] Vineland, NJ

bob at bidumup.com bob at bidumup.com
Wed Nov 5 13:15:25 EST 2003

Bill, you really do have a great and deep grasp of the market forces. The
public is uneducated and completely controlled by market propaganda for the
masses. A niche market is profitable and real. How much time and energy you
invest in creating a market has to be done carefully so that you gain at
least a little more than you give. Creating that market with like minded
people (farmers) is easier than doing it yourself. It is a long term
investment and takes a long time. It is successfull if it is a way of life.
To sell you have to know how to use and show how to use the product
realitive to every different cultural background. The larger the city the
greater the number of customers. Some of the best customers are the ones
that have just entered the country as they are educated to the (poverty)
foods: greens, whole grains and beans.

My computer was completely taken over by spy bots. I found a free program
that works well. Spy Bot Search and Destroy. Your browser should be able to
find it if you need it.

Bob C

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