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Citrus PunchWhy buy locally made products?
the purchase of 'locally made' products keeps jobs in the area and keeps
companies answerable to their regional community about issues such as fair
employment and pollution.

How to buy locally or nationally made
There are three main strategies for increasing a regions self-reliance and
building a bigger opportunity to buy locally made:

1. long term planning such as:
  a.. introducing legislation that ensures that all products have labels
showing a). not just where the product is made but where the ingredients or
components are made b) if the company is wholly nationally owned.  This
legislation took about 20years to introduce in Australia and has a huge
impact on people's choices as consumers and pride as producers.
  b.. promoting 'nationally made' by government and chambers of commerce.
2. shorter-term action which can also lead to long term changes includes:
  a.. creating a LETS system.  LETS is local exchange/energy transfer
system.  there are many of these systems thoughout the world.  the concept
originated in Canada and the biggest systems have been in Australia (which
ironically has very sparsely wide-spread tiny population compared to the
USA).  LETS actually has been wonderful for me because it has increased my
own production (i will produce something for LETs that i couldn't be
bothered making for dollars, such as lemon butter or herb products).  LETs
is also a great network to meet like-minded people.  i found my LETs system
in my telephone directory.
  b.. seek organisations that promote locally made products, they provide
lists for consumers.  help support these groups by using the information and
promoting them.
3.  increase our own production and lowering imports into our home:
  a.. Making more ourselves and sharing more with family and friends,
  b.. cutting our own expectations, buying recycled stuff such as clothes,
furniture, cars, houses etc.
  c.. reasess our own purchases, do we really need them? can we make it
ourselves eg. instead of buying processed foods can we make it ourself out
of wholefoods and some stuff grown at home (such as herbs and easy to grow
salad stuff).
Permaculture Visions International.

  a..  Portal http://www.permaculturevisions.com
  b.. Students and graduates in over 20 countries
  (Africa, Argentina, Australia - every state, Brazil, Canada-BC,ON, France,
Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Jerusalem, Japan, NZ, Malaysia, Mexico,
Papua New Guinea, Phillippines, Republic of South Africa, Portugal, Spain,
Thailand, Tonga, UK,
  USA. -Alaska, CA, FL, KS, IA, IL, IN, TN, MT, NM, OR, PA, SD, TX,VT,
  c.. Exclusive Student and Graduate Mailing list
  d.. Commercial and Private Permaculture System Design  ISO 14000
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>Courtney, I used to feel the same way about buying foreign stuff. It

>looks like there will soon be a time when we won't be able to have

>anything at all if we only buy USA.

We won't be able to have anything at all if we buy foreign

either, because all the jobs are leaving the USA. No jobs =

no money to buy things.

Even if you're a CSA farmer - unemployed people are not

going to be able to afford CSA shares.
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