[Market-farming] Adriana, April,s dreams comes true

robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Mon Nov 3 19:26:28 EST 2003

Adrianna...Have you ever been to Vineland NJ. It is one such planned community
of full time market farms, and the reason I relocated here 16 years ago. You can
drive down the roads and see hundreds of farms neatly laid out in rectangular
blocks, flat all tillable irrigated sandy loam soils, all interconnected to the
centrally located Vineland Produce Auction Coop, the largest auction of its kind
in the east...

April, would be pleased that her idea was actually developed as a joint effort
by my states planning boards in the 1990's. It was the first statewide
environmentally sustainable development plan in the USA. It called for among
other things replacing housing sprawl development with rural village development
surrounded with commercially viable farmland as part of the community, National
home builders lobby groups shot down the plan even after it was overwhelming
approved by the public. The plan will be reintroduced again next year.

BTW the CAUV was first developed in NJ as the farmland tax assessment act of
1964 and it remains to this day...Bob.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

adriana wrote:

> My dream agricultural community would be a "planned subdivision of working
> market farms, all built around a central/communal farmers market, CSA pickup
> point, value added procession kitchen and central distribution for a
> grower's network.  All close enough to a city to attract the beautiful
> people to come buy...All farms would have to be geniune working farms, not
> "gentleman's farms".
> Imagine a strawberry farm, orchards, specialty greens growers, dairy,
> poultry and goats all in one central community...
> > An acquaintance wrote this morning about just such an idea that you
> mention, April - instead of having houses develop around a country club or
> swimming pool, have them develop around a working farm - all can benefit
> from and work on the farm----it would need a manager just like a country
> club would - to oversee the daily work on the farm.
> Adriana
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