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An acquaintance wrote this morning about just such an idea that you mention, April - instead of having houses develop around a country club or swimming pool, have them develop around a working farm - all can benefit from and work on the farm----it would need a manager just like a country club would - to oversee the daily work on the farm.

And you are right that soil can be built up from almost nothing, if the effort is made.  It would take some time if done from scratch.  

A permaculture model would be just the model that we need for securing food and water in the future.

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  This is a typical example of the incredibly diverse choices people can make when population pressures turn ag land into urban.
  It doesn't take any skill at all to simply subdivide and put people into little boxes that
  they drive further to work and back to pay for the box (house) that is mostly empty all day
  while they pay for it.
  there are many other examples of wonderful transitions.
  you write of the land not being great for agriculture, but it could
  be developed really cleverly into an semi-urban agricultral hamlet, with water harvest systems, organic matter collection (soil improvement) turning poor farming land into rich food forests between the houses.
  no i am not dreaming it has been done many times before in dryer and more
  inhospitable places such as Davis, California and the homes
  (not to mention the lifestyles) are far more sought out by buyers than
  the conventional boxes across the road.

  If i had the chance to develop something i would plan a brighter future for the planet as well as myself and there's no guilt in that.

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