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This is a typical example of the incredibly diverse choices people can make
when population pressures turn ag land into urban.
It doesn't take any skill at all to simply subdivide and put people into
little boxes that
they drive further to work and back to pay for the box (house) that is
mostly empty all day
while they pay for it.
there are many other examples of wonderful transitions.
you write of the land not being great for agriculture, but it could
be developed really cleverly into an semi-urban agricultral hamlet, with
water harvest systems, organic matter collection (soil improvement) turning
poor farming land into rich food forests between the houses.
no i am not dreaming it has been done many times before in dryer and more
inhospitable places such as Davis, California and the homes
(not to mention the lifestyles) are far more sought out by buyers than
the conventional boxes across the road.

If i had the chance to develop something i would plan a brighter future for
the planet as well as myself and there's no guilt in that.

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Dear Market -farmers, our town wants to change our 148 acres from medium
density residential zoning to agricultural.  My aunt never developed the
farm, but was against this change as it limited our options with no real
benefit to us.  She's dead now.  Isn't it ironic for it to hurt farmers to
zone their land agricultural?! We want to keep the land agricultural in
nature, but it was never great farmland to begin with...rocky and steep
among other things.  I feel naiive about what's at stake here.  I feel
dishonest to argue against ag zoning when it's right in line with what I
hope to do with the land, but it doesn't seem smart to give up so much
potential land value for nothing.  There's no guarantee of lower tax
rates...the county, not the town,assesses the property.  Can anybody comment
on what their zoning is and how it affects them? Thanks, Steep Hollow Farm

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