[Market-farming] question about zoning

Christianne White cw812 at twcny.rr.com
Sun Nov 2 01:26:47 EST 2003

Dear Market -farmers, our town wants to change our 148 acres from medium
density residential zoning to agricultural.  My aunt never developed the
farm, but was against this change as it limited our options with no real
benefit to us.  She's dead now.  Isn't it ironic for it to hurt farmers to
zone their land agricultural?! We want to keep the land agricultural in
nature, but it was never great farmland to begin with...rocky and steep
among other things.  I feel naiive about what's at stake here.  I feel
dishonest to argue against ag zoning when it's right in line with what I
hope to do with the land, but it doesn't seem smart to give up so much
potential land value for nothing.  There's no guarantee of lower tax
rates...the county, not the town,assesses the property.  Can anybody comment
on what their zoning is and how it affects them? Thanks, Steep Hollow Farm

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