[Market-farming] Sweet Corn Transplants (was Cloddy Soil)

robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Fri May 30 09:46:38 EDT 2003

> I did manage to get the next planting in, soils here drain fast with a
> couple days of sun and a little wind.

> Transplanting corn works if you only need a small quanity, I tried it
> some years ago in 128 deep cell trays. Corn does not develop as well as
> field seeded because it has no tap root and if you hold the seedlings too
> long the plants will stunt out later after transplanting... Now if I can
> only get my melons transplanted. A farmer is never satisfied..Bob

Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

> I wouldn't dissuade anyone from going fishing, but in
> case anyone desperately wants sweet corn, and is
> plagued by rain, let me tell you about an easy way to do
> transplants. Use the 200 cell styrofoam Speedling flats,
> one corn kernel in each cell with your usual seed
> compost, then float the flats in a tank of water until you
> can transplant. You don't have to worry about keeping
> the flats watered, they just suck up what they need. I've
> heard it may be better to just stack the watered flats on
> dry land for the first 24 hours, then float them. But it
> works OK if you float them right away. It buys a bit of
> time, and is OK for smallish plantings.
>         Pam Dawling, Twin Oaks Community, Louisa,
> Virginia, zone 6b.
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