[Market-farming] Transporting Produce

Elaine Granata ecgranat at ouray.cudenver.edu
Thu May 29 23:38:46 EDT 2003

Allan:  I load all of mine into coolers with ice at the bottom.  It was
expensive, but sure maintains the quality.  I've also got some styofoam
boxes with lids from a pet store -- used for fish, I think, that keep stuff
cool for the 25 minute ride.

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> It's a CSA question.
> Last year we went with burlap covered poplar field boxes. This year,
> I'm doing bulk deliveries and do not have any of those nice boxes.
> I'm going to be using big rubbermade snap-top tubs to deliver bulk
> CSA shares: potatoes in a few, carrots in another, arugula in
> another, etc.
> I'm going to be carrying this stuff for up to an hour in the back of
> an open pickup (but with a tarp).
> I'm wondering if others have developed a more effective method of
> delivering press produce.
> I know i've talked to some who use the method above without ice, but
> I do see mention of 'ice' in some of the archive posts.
> I'd sure like to hear your ideas.
> thanks
> -Allan
> PS Oh, yes, and what, exactly, does 'ice' mean in this context?
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