[Market-farming] Transporting Produce

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Thu May 29 07:07:11 EDT 2003

It's a CSA question.

Last year we went with burlap covered poplar field boxes. This year, 
I'm doing bulk deliveries and do not have any of those nice boxes.

I'm going to be using big rubbermade snap-top tubs to deliver bulk 
CSA shares: potatoes in a few, carrots in another, arugula in 
another, etc.

I'm going to be carrying this stuff for up to an hour in the back of 
an open pickup (but with a tarp).

I'm wondering if others have developed a more effective method of 
delivering press produce.

I know i've talked to some who use the method above without ice, but 
I do see mention of 'ice' in some of the archive posts.

I'd sure like to hear your ideas.



PS Oh, yes, and what, exactly, does 'ice' mean in this context?

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