[Market-farming] organic flowers (was cloddy soil)

Marie Kamphefner kampy at grm.net
Wed May 28 23:17:44 EDT 2003

Regards to the list:
As a long-time cake decorator, I am always concerned about the fresh
flowers florists attach to wedding cakes.  I cringe when they stick the
stems into the icing.  A good selling point for organic flowers is that
they won't poison the cake.  Also, people don't have quite the allergic
reactions to organic flowers.
This is my first year trying to grow flowers to sell.  So far, all the
florists I've talked to have been excited about having locally grown
fresh flowers and they say they will buy from me.  Most give me a list
of what they'd like to have.  Now, if I can just grow them. . .
Marie in Missouri
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