[Market-farming] Re: Cloddy soil

Amy K. Johnson akjedj at access4cheap.com
Wed May 28 16:00:39 EDT 2003

Been there, done that.

Lessons learned: Never ever ever work wet soil!!!!!!! If you do, follow
immediately with secondary tillage (ie: disc right after plowing) before the
clods dry out all the way into concrete. If you already have clods, crops
that are transplanted into  it tend to do ok if the fertility is ok and the
clods aren't so bad that there are air pockets around the roots. If your
soil is like mine and tends to crust over and seal in moisture so the soil
doesn't dry out for forever, try shallow cultivation (after it's crusted,
not muddy) to help it dry out before tillage. Organic matter is a miracle

It's been raining here nearly every other day or more and I'm trying really
hard to stay out of the garden until it dries up. Really testing my
patience. Have gobs of stuff to plant, but at least that which is already
planted is doing great. Still have to slog around in the mud to pick for the

Amy K. Johnson
Johnson's Produce Patch
Long Island VA

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