[Market-farming] Cloddy soil

Mike Bosko mjbosko at jmtsystems.com
Tue May 27 17:40:42 EDT 2003

Sounds like you might be rushing things to get it taken care of for use this
season, but I would suggest planting the bare ground with buckwheat.  I'm no
soil scientist however; take what I recommend w/ a grain of salt.  But I've
found buckwheat to grow in poor soils, tolerate drought conditions well, and
its fibrous root system seems to really help break down the cloddy soils.
It grows quickly and I also prefer to reseed it at the flower stage, just
before mowing it down.  The mowed mulch will cover and protect the second
set of seeds.

This is what I have done in the past and it seemed to work well here, but
again its only my two cent input.


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Regards to the list:

Well, we goofed big time this time.  We disked up some ground that
wasn't dry enough and now we have concrete clods.  I've gone over it
with the tiller a couple of times and now we have small concrete clods.
The other soil on the farm is great.

We planted tomatoes into this concrete clod wasteland before we realized
the shape it was in and they're looking good - how can that be???

Before I plant anything else, does anyone have any suggestions on how to
improve the texture of this soil this season?

Marie (slapping her head) in Missouri

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