[Market-farming] Harvesting Garlic

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Also, let the soil dry out before harvest too.  I found that if you plant
too deep, and have wet soils before and during harvest, you'll have bulbs
that are very tough to clean.


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Alliums wrote:

> I'm trying to develop a market for the scapes here in PA -- if you cut
> off, the bulbs will be bigger.  However, if you cut them off too soon, the
> bulbs may not store as long.

What are the scapes used for?  I would assume in salads or pickeled like
capers. Or is that what capers are?

> Wow! And the bulbs didn't pop open such that the individual cloves were
> exposed?  And you could actually save cloves for planting next
> year?

If you wait too long the husk will have deteriorated and lets the cloves
of fall off.  My wife who uses lots of garlic always complains about what I
gather being bitter.  Thought maybe it was because not gathering at right
time.  I have never gathered it when the husk is the pretty clean white like
what you buy in the grocery.

> Someone tell me again why I'm living in PA! ;-<
Its cooler and you have more rain.  We finally got the best rain of the year
last nite averaging close to 3 inches.

Jim Woodyard
Nocona, TX

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