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jay gee JayGee at jghelp.com
Mon May 26 17:20:05 EDT 2003

Liz Pike wrote:

> > What's the point of all this?

> Direct marketing allows you to build up a loyal customer base who will bring
> you repeat business, spreading out the risk of failure if any "one" customer
> starts buying elsewhere, a risk many farms don't want to take so they don't
> do wholesale.

Not only that, direct marketing allows you to build a
"brand name" for your product, which in turn allows
you to charge more money for the product as your
brand name becomes well recognized and highly
regarded (assuming you produce and sell top
quality products).

Restaurants and florists are willing to pay above
average retail prices for the highest quality because
they have a market for it.

As any hard core carnivore knows, trying to find
USDA Prime beef in a butcher shop is virtually
an impossible feat, the restaurants buy almost
all of it.  And if you can find it, you must be prepared
to pay a huge premium for it.

The difference in cost between producing the
highest quality and average quality is only about
twenty percent, but the difference in profit margin
is probably about 100%, when the product marketer
knows what they are doing and the product is sold
as "branded goods."

jay gee
not a farmer  --  but interested in farming

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