[Market-farming] foreign invasion

J M Moser joma at skybest.com
Mon May 26 09:45:36 EDT 2003


Which markets have you visited in our area and what have your impressions
been? Many of the area markets I'm aware don't allow resellers, although I
don't how well that's enforced. Like you I would have been somewhat
suspicious. First because of the low prices and secondly while there is a
large Hispanic population in our area I've not seen evidence of an Asian
presence at all. However if they were there and playing by the rules, good
for them.

Have you visited or heard anything about farmers markets in either
Hillsville or Wytheville, Virginia? I've heard rumors of good sized markets
in both places but can't pin down any definite info.

John M. Moser
Fleetwood, NC

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