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Jim Woodyard mwjw at swbell.net
Sat May 24 00:07:11 EDT 2003

Bob, welcome to the list.  My biggest problem with it is having time to read all
the posts or at least look at so can delete.  When I was a kid my dad gave up
the farm at age 56 and took up other endeavors that never paid off.  I chose not
to stay with farming and instead went into engineering.  40 years later at age
59 I gave up the rat race and returned to the farm.  Lots of hard work with
little pay off.  However, it sure beats being retired with nothing to do.
I am a little north of you along the Red River.  Seems there are several from TX
on the list.

Jim Woodyard
Nocona, TX

bob at money-net.com wrote:

> Bought a farm in Hill County, Texas. About 37 acres that was used mostly for
> wheat and corn.  Looks like about 15-16 acres in pasture and the rest is
> tillable Houston Black clay that runs about 30 feet deep before hitting
> sand. There is a stock tank about 1/4 acre big with fish. Hope to put a
> house on it and barn. What is neat is the South side is on a well traveled
> county road so the road so I can put a vegetable stand on it and not have
> any rules other than my own plus can sell anything I want.  It will probably
> take me five years to get moved down there but with the land I will have a
> good start. Probably lease out the top or share crop it for the next few
> years and cultivate no more than 10 acres on the bottom with mixed crops
> like: edamame soy beans followed with amranth, all the green, summer
> lettuce, squash, pumpkin, melons small round, some grains for the chickens
> followed by dry soy and cow pea varieties crowder, black eye and purple hull
> then the Texas okra and no garden is complete without tons of tomato and
> peppers. Will put up barn large enough to do auctions in once a month or so.
> Should work out o.k. even though I am too old to be doing all this my Texas
> roots keep calling me farther into the country. Farm prices are really
> starting to rise as the big money is going into land with the stock market
> and economy unstable. Every one has to eat so there will always be a food
> market and that is a good thing.
> Bob C
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