[Market-farming] farm

Bob Crowder bob at money-net.com
Fri May 23 22:56:04 EDT 2003

Thanks for the encouragement Bill. Just the drive down and spending the day
is very nice. There is a little town called Woodbury about a mile from the
farm and the people are really nice. I think the population is 67. What I do
for a living is auctioneering. The auction house is in Ft. Worth and every
thing in the world goes through in a year. I will usually call over 100
auctions a year some times 150. When times are hard auction is good because
everyone small and large turns stuff they are not needing into cash they
Bob C

> > Bought a farm in Hill County, Texas. About 37 acres
> Bob, Congrats on your new farm. I don't know what you have been doing for
> living, but now the work can begin. LOL
> And I know you will love every minute of it. I do. Hope you have lots of
> and enjoyment. Bill Bradshaw Cherokee Co. Texas

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