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Fri May 23 14:25:00 EDT 2003

Bought a farm in Hill County, Texas. About 37 acres that was used mostly for
wheat and corn.  Looks like about 15-16 acres in pasture and the rest is
tillable Houston Black clay that runs about 30 feet deep before hitting
sand. There is a stock tank about 1/4 acre big with fish. Hope to put a
house on it and barn. What is neat is the South side is on a well traveled
county road so the road so I can put a vegetable stand on it and not have
any rules other than my own plus can sell anything I want.  It will probably
take me five years to get moved down there but with the land I will have a
good start. Probably lease out the top or share crop it for the next few
years and cultivate no more than 10 acres on the bottom with mixed crops
like: edamame soy beans followed with amranth, all the green, summer
lettuce, squash, pumpkin, melons small round, some grains for the chickens
followed by dry soy and cow pea varieties crowder, black eye and purple hull
then the Texas okra and no garden is complete without tons of tomato and
peppers. Will put up barn large enough to do auctions in once a month or so.
Should work out o.k. even though I am too old to be doing all this my Texas
roots keep calling me farther into the country. Farm prices are really
starting to rise as the big money is going into land with the stock market
and economy unstable. Every one has to eat so there will always be a food
market and that is a good thing.
Bob C

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