[Market-farming] A couple of questions for more experienced farmers

Robert Farr rbfarr at erols.com
Thu May 22 07:51:27 EDT 2003


Cut the flower heads off the leeks.  The plant will send all its stored
energy into the flowers, and your leeks will be no good.  My belief is
the leeks are prob. no good any/way - pull one and try it!

I let my sage flower, then prune the flowers later.  The bushes keep on
getting bigger and bigger - and tastier, too.

Also cut the flowers for orgegano and thyme after flowering, and the
plants will bush out.  They all attract good bugs, so don't kill the
flowers before they're done.

Haven't tried sage for cut flowers, tho' they don't look like they'd do
well.  The sage, OTOH, makes a great, dried addition to wreaths.  Carol
and I used it last year and it added both color and aroma.

Urge the shareholders to get kneepads.  Nichols Hardware, out in Loudoun
County (Hillsboro Rd., just before Purcellville) had a great pair of
rubber pads for just a bit more than eight bucks.

I guess it would depend upon the shape of the shareholders if you'd like
them to work naked...I don't, however, suggest this while using tools -

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