[Market-farming] Clamshells for berries

mf at austinfarm.org mf at austinfarm.org
Wed May 21 22:50:30 EDT 2003

On Wed, May 21, 2003 at 07:47:43PM -0500, Bill Bradshaw wrote:
> Willie, how many clam shell are you needing? Bill Bradshaw

I've ordered several thousand.  A year's worth is 10,000-20,000.  For a 
good price, I could buy several years worth.

How do you pour blueberries into your clamshells?  Doesn't that lid 
hanging out there interfer with the pouring?  I'm well experienced 
pouring into flats of 12 pints.

I couldn't find any prices at the putnam place you mentioned.


Willie, ashamed that dixie chicks are from Austin
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