[Market-farming] Clamshells for berries

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> My grocery store blackberry customers are resisting my open top pint
> baskets.  Dealing with the open top pints also slows things down at
> farmers markets, so I have been shopping for 1 pint clamshells.  I
> haven't found anything less than $.14, which seems way too expensive
> to me.
> Willie, one of the things we used to do with the blueberry containers. We
were using open pints covered with a celo wrap held on with a rubber band.
We have since changed to the clam shell. We use a suppler out of Tyler
Texas. Resource aug. Supply I don't have there number at home but can send
it to you tomorrow. I think there is 600 to box don't recall the price. I
have some but they have the Texas Blueberries label on them. Bill Bradshaw

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