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   From: "Tom at Limerock" <limerock at thirdplanet.net>
   Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 11:21:24 -0500

   What is Tanglefoot?  

It's a natural substanace (tree gums I think) that is incredibly sticky.
Among other things it is an ant barrier.

I don't know if it's organic certified to use on or next to plants but I
asked my certifier (CCOF) if I could use it on the outside of 55 gallon
drums of oil I use in soapmaking and they said it was allowed.  

We have an ant problem here and when I get the drums delivered I plan to
tape paper all around the drum (about in the middle) and use packing tape
to make sure there are no routes of entry under the paper, then smear the
Tanglefoot liberally on the paper, with no gaps.

This stuff is so sticky that if you put it on something it will almost
never come off, hense the paper.  You do have to check the coverage though
cause dust and etc will create "roads" for the ants.  Avoid getting it on
your hands or clothes.  It's safe but really annoying.

I've used it in the past for ants successfully.  As others have posted, it
also is what you smear on fly traps to renew them.


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