[Market-farming] lettuce displays

Elaine Granata ecgranat at ouray.cudenver.edu
Tue May 20 00:34:27 EDT 2003

Alex, Liz and All:  Like Alex, I've found with sensitive greens (lettuce,
kale, chard, raab, arugula, etc) that it's best to only put out a few of
them at a time and keep the rest in the cooler for restocking.  That's
worked well for me.  With kale and chard I don't even put them out -- my
customers have gotten used to looling in the cooler (which I put near the
front of my stand) and helping themselves.

And it's "too wet to plow" here too.  I wonder if I'll ever get my potatoes


> I grow different varieties of lettuce all through the season, so I had to
> up with a way to keep them fresh in the heat of summer.  The real key is
> display only 4 or 5 heads at a time and constantly restock from cold
storage.  I
> built a plywood box, lined it with rigid styrofoam insulation and use a
> beach towel for a lid.  Frozen gal. jugs of water keep it cold.
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