[Market-farming] lettuce displays

Alex McGregor waldenfarm at sprintmail.com
Mon May 19 14:32:33 EDT 2003


I use baskets to display my lettuce.  I line them with frozen packs of "liquid
ice" and cover these with contrasting (to the lettuce) colored towels.  I
moisten the towels before setting up the display.

I grow different varieties of lettuce all through the season, so I had to come
up with a way to keep them fresh in the heat of summer.  The real key is to
display only 4 or 5 heads at a time and constantly restock from cold storage.  I
built a plywood box, lined it with rigid styrofoam insulation and use a large
beach towel for a lid.  Frozen gal. jugs of water keep it cold.

Any lettuce that starts looking wilted gets pulled and put in a plastic bag in
the cooler and comes home to be recrisped and eaten by the farmers.

The rain here goes on and on.  I should have planted rice and watercress!!!

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm

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