[Market-farming] Free Range Chickens in the Garden

Leigh Hauter lh at pressroom.com
Sat May 17 20:51:57 EDT 2003

>Does anyone have any experience with using chickens within your 
>growing spaces?
>  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
>I have ranged laying hens during the winter months in my market 
>garden for years.  They do a nice job cleaning up unpicked and 
>spoiled tomatoes left on the vines and helping to incorporate garden 
>residue into the soil. I'm not fussing about anything they leave 
>behind in exchange.  How else can you get paid eggs and meat for 
>having manure spread on your fields?  I keep them enclosed in 
>electronet fence in order to keep them out of the overwintering 
>spinach, onions, and garlic patches or from unmulching the 
>strawberries.  When spring comes and I'm back into serious planting 
>then out to the pastures they go.

this sounds pretty much like our practice too.  The electronet along 
with a Pyrenees does a great job on keeping away our over abundant 
predator population too.
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