[Market-farming] Re: Germination Chamber

pam at twinoaks.org pam at twinoaks.org
Fri May 16 09:31:58 EDT 2003

To germinate seedlings I use an old (unplugged!) 
refrigerator, with a light bulb as the heat source. 
Different wattage bulbs provide different operating 
temperatures. The seed flats sit on the wire shelves. 
When I have boxes of soil blocks I feel like I'm putting 
a tray of brownies in the oven! It's not dark in there, 
but the light isn't sufficient to prevent leggy seedlings, 
so I need to remove the flats immediately after 
germination. Basically the old fridge is just a free, 
convenient, insulated closet.
	Pam Dawling, Twin Oaks Community, Louisa, 

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