[Market-farming] Free Range Chickens in the Garden

Mike Bosko mjbosko at jmtsystems.com
Thu May 15 23:50:18 EDT 2003

Yikes, I guess I need fences.

I was going to reply with a ... I HATE MY CHICKENS IN MY GARDENS!!  They dig
for bugs and end up digging up the plants, and while dusting themselves they
end up making a huge mess not to mention digging up more plants.

I had never thought about ecoli... and never had a problem .. BUT a good
thing to think about - its incentive to get my fences up to keep them little
b@#$@ards out.  grin.

Ellensburg, WA
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  Don't ever allow chickens or any other animals in an area actively
producing food. Do they allow pets in restaurants of grocery stores ? no...
  Some of our local greens and lettuce growers took a tour of a farm that
grows and packages salad mixes for supermarkets, they saw no trees from
horizon to horizon when asked why? they said, they don't want to encourage
birds to fly over the fields.
  If a bird poop is found on a lettuce plant a ten foot circle is marked off
and nobody can pick any lettuce from that area. The same if a dog or coyote
poops in the field.
  In the packing house after the lettuce is washed nobody can even touch the
produce, for fear of spreading E coli. One of our growers picked up a head
of lettuce, the packing line was shut down and all the lettuce removed and
the line was disinfected.
  Theses guys take sanitation very seriously , we should do the same...Bob.
  Sunny Meadow Farm
  Bridgeton, NJ.
  Dave Gower wrote:

    Hello Everyone!Does anyone have any experience with using chickens
within your growing spaces?Any insight would be greatly
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