[Market-farming] Germination chamber?

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Thu May 15 07:30:11 EDT 2003

> 1.    Does anyone use a germination chamber?  If so, details, please?
> If not, what do you do "light-wise" to germinate seed?

If the seed requires light we put white or clear plastic over the trays
if they require dark we put a piece of dark over the trays
> 2.    When I put newly seeded trays in the greenhouse, am I shooting
> myself in the foot by not providing darkness?  And does that have an
> overall affect on the strength or vitality of the maturing plant?

It depends on the seed, but we like to have some sort of cover on the
seed trays to keep the moisture even.
Granted we do not germinate in a greenhouse but have made a germination
chamber in our house by putting up a big sheet of plastic (an old piece
of greenhouse plastic is what we use) to shut off 1/4 of a 14'x12' room.
We heat with wood and needed a hot room to get peppers and other heat
loving seeds to germinate that was not our living room (where the heat
is). So we put up the plastic wall to isolate our light tables (we have
3 of them) and put in an electric heater so the chamber stays at 80°F.
> 3.    So, unless the catalog says "light required" or "light aids
> germination", I should provide real darkness to the germinating seeds?

yes, easiest is to cover with black plastic or soil

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