[Market-farming] Determinate vs Indeterminate

Del Williams delannw at dlogue.net
Wed May 14 20:22:54 EDT 2003

Great idea, Jill!  A tomato tasting!  And, I'd recommend having plenty of
lbs. of the tomatoes available for purchase.

For what it is worth, at our farmers' market, the health department would
not allow us to cut produce and offer it for tasting.  One market, a
'customer' asked if my rhubarb was tart.  I broke a stalk in half and said,
"You be the judge".  As it turned out, it was the health dept. inspector and
he gave me the what for.  I said, "Hey, I gave you a free stalk, I didn't
tell you that it was a taste trial."  LOL, so there!

Anyway, I did, later in the season, offer a whole peach or apple and let
people make up their own minds.  That was allowable since I didn't cut it

And the plethora of yellow pear cherry tomatoes were always available for
tasting.  Also allowed.

Del Williams
Country Fruit and Floral
Kankakee, IL

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