[Market-farming] Indterminate vs determinate tomatoes

Steve Sando steve at mrlucky.com
Wed May 14 11:46:02 EDT 2003

From: "Bill Shoemaker" <wshoemak at inil.com>
[It raises serious questions about the younger generation and their food
preferences. Most are growing up with no exposure to truly fresh fruits and
vegetables. Their palates are being trained for over-processed foods. Their
health and the health of future markets for market farmers is in question.]

FWIW, I was born in 1960 and part of a bold new generation that was
spoon-fed McDonaldds and Jack in the Box most of my childhood. It was a
horrible suburban nightmare, except for the odd weekly taco nights. My
parents loved going to Mexico and in California we have a huge
Latino/Chicano population. Plus this was Mexico for a time! But my point is
I grew up on garbage and it was travelling to Italy, France and India - plus
the changing times, that led me to eating about 95% real food now.

At least now there's an audience for good food and it's getting more
mainstream every day (as it worsens in processed food!)


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