[Market-farming] Growing potatoes in Illinois

Bill Shoemaker wshoemak at inil.com
Wed May 14 08:25:19 EDT 2003


    The cut potatoes will develop the "skin" in about 24 hours, unless
they're cold. Usually we cut them one day and plant the next. The sprouts
will form after planting if they didn't before. I've never planted them in
stacked tires but I've talked to gardeners who have. While it was pretty
successful, managing the tires was.... tiresome.

Bill Shoemaker
Sr Research Specialist, Food Crops
Univ of Illinois - St Charles Hort Research Center

>Hello everyone,
>I have been recieving info from this listserv for the past year.  I have
some questions about growing potates.  I am planning on growing them in old,
stacked tires. Has any one used this method and was it successful? Also, the
potatoes seeds are small, when I cut them how long do I have to wait to
plant them. I was told I needed to wait for them to develop a "skin"
otherwise tey will rot. Do they need to sprout first?

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