[Market-farming] tomatoes

Marie Kamphefner kampy at grm.net
Wed May 14 00:14:21 EDT 2003

Regards to the list:

This evening, my hubby and I planted about 500 tomato plants with the
transplanter.  We made the rows about three feet apart because I'm too
big to get through two foot rows to pick.  The dirt was cloddy and a
little wet, but we wanted to get them in before the next big rain comes
- headed this way now.

We are thinking about sowing white clover between the rows for ground
cover and living mulch.  Does that sound like a good idea?

I found wooden tomato stakes from an Amish produce supply place for .40
a stake.  They're sharpened on one end.  We've decided to use steel
posts on the ends and the wooden stakes every 3 plants down the row.  Or
should we have a wooden stake every two plants?  I bought the twine to
do the trellising.  I can't help but think this is going to be another
Three Stooges thing while we learn to do this, except there are only two
of us.  I wish we had a video of when we rented and used a two-man post
hole digger the first time.  Out of 12 holes, we only got two in the
right spots.  :-)

Thanks Steve for the thoughts on tomatoes.  I'll check out Home Depot
for U posts next time I'm in the city.

I can't help but worry about Rick Hopkins.  Someone posted that he lives
near the tornado damage and we haven't heard from him since they hit.

Marie in Missouri

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