[Market-farming] Indterminate vs determinate tomatoes

Steve Sando steve at mrlucky.com
Tue May 13 22:43:26 EDT 2003

Random tomato thoughts:

It seems all of my heirlooms are indeterminate and when I was growing
hybrids, they seemed determinate!

Re: water- I dont' hold back on the water until after fruits set.

re: taste- I've had the same tomato from two different farmers taste
completely different. It's really trial and error to see what works for you.

re seedlings- the seedlings that were the hardest to reach (and recieved
less attention and love from me) were the strongest and had the thickest
stocks. I think it's easy to love your tomato seedlings to death.

Marie, you asked about U posts. I got mine in the fencing area of Home
Depot. I'll get a pic as soon as I can.


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